Release 4.2.0 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.2.0
Release Date: June 25, 2015
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new flat default skin to make the UI more modern.
* Added new imagetools plugin, lets you crop/resize and apply filters to images.
* Added new contextual toolbars support to the API lets you add floating toolbars for specific CSS selectors.
* Added new promise feature fill as tinymce.util.Promise.
* Added new built in image upload feature lets you upload any base64 encoded image within the editor as files.
* Fixed bug where resize handles would appear in the right position in the wrong editor when switching between resizable content in different inline editors.
* Fixed bug where tables would not be inserted in inline mode due to previous float panel fix.
* Fixed bug where floating panels would remain open when focus was lost on inline editors.
* Fixed bug where cut command on Chrome would thrown a browser security exception.
* Fixed bug where IE 11 sometimes would report an incorrect size for images in the image dialog.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to remove inline formatting at the end of block elements.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to delete table cell contents when cell selection was vertical.
* Fixed bug where table cell wasn't emptied from block elements if delete/backspace where pressed in empty cell.
* Fixed bug where cmd+shift+arrow didn't work correctly on Firefox mac when selecting to start/end of line.
* Fixed bug where removal of bogus elements would sometimes remove whitespace between nodes.
* Fixed bug where the resize handles wasn't updated when the main window was resized.
* Fixed so script elements gets removed by default to prevent possible XSS issues in default config implementations.
* Fixed so the UI doesn't need manual reflows when using non native layout managers.
* Fixed so base64 encoded images doesn't slow down the editor on modern browsers while editing.
* Fixed so all UI elements uses touch events to improve mobile device support.
* Removed the touch click quirks patch for iOS since it did more harm than good.
* Removed the non proportional resize handles since. Unproportional resize can still be done by holding the shift key.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=35724
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.2 Released
Notes: We’ve been working hard on the TinyMCE 4.2 release together with our new colleagues at Ephox and are proud to present a brand new feature yet to be seen in open source WYSIWYG editors: built in image editing tools! The Image Tools plugin will allow you to resize, crop and apply filters to images in your content, all within TinyMCE. Please note that some integration is required to fully take advantage of this feature. As part of the Image Tools plugin, we added an Upload API to handle uploading of the changed files. If you wish to know more about the TinyMCE Image Tools, visit our blog post that describes these new features in more depth. We’ve also created a new default skin that provides TinyMCE with a more modern look and feel. With the skin and updates to the UI that allows for inline toolbars, we have also made incremental improvements to our touch support, although more work to better support mobile devices is still to come. While not specific to the 4.2 release, you will begin to see a series of improvements to our product documentation. We have received numerous suggestions on how our documentation could be improved, and we are working to make that happen. And as usual, there are minor bugfixes and code updates, for details, check the changelog.