Release 4.2.4 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.2.4
Release Date: August 17, 2015
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added picture as a valid element to the HTML 5 schema. Patch contributed by Adam Taylor.
* Fixed bug where contents would be duplicated on drag/drop within the same editor.
* Fixed bug where floating/alignment of images on Edge wouldn't work properly.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to drag images on IE 11.
* Fixed bug where image selection on Edge would sometimes fail.
* Fixed bug where contextual toolbars icons wasn't rendered properly when using the toolbar_items_size.
* Fixed bug where searchreplace dialog doesn't get prefilled with the selected text.
* Fixed bug where fragmented matches wouldn't get properly replaced by the searchreplace plugin.
* Fixed bug where enter key wouldn't place the caret if was after a trailing space within an inline element.
* Fixed bug where the autolink plugin could produce multiple links for the same text on Gecko.
* Fixed bug where EditorUpload could sometimes throw an exception if the blob wasn't found.
* Fixed xss issues with media plugin not properly filtering out some script attributes.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=35862
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.2.4 released
Notes: This release fixes some bugs related to the new MS Edge browser it also contains bug fixed for searchreplace, enter key handling, autolink and picture element support. Check the changelog for details on the issues fixed in this release.