Release 4.3.0 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.3.0
Release Date: November 23, 2015
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Changelog: * Added new table column/row resize support. Makes it a lot more easy to resize the columns/rows in a table.
* Added new table inline toolbar. Makes it easier to for example add new rows or columns to a table.
* Added new notification API. Lets you display floating notifications to the end user.
* Added new codesample plugin that lets you insert syntax highlighted pre elements into the editor.
* Added new image_caption to images. Lets you create images with captions using a HTML5 figure/figcaption elements.
* Added new live previews of embeded videos. Lets you play the video right inside the editor.
* Added new setDirty method and "dirty" event to the editor. Makes it easier to track the dirty state change.
* Added new setMode method to Editor instances that lets you dynamically switch between design/readonly.
* Added new core support for contentEditable=false elements within the editor overrides the browsers broken behavior.
* Rewrote the noneditable plugin to use the new contentEditable false core logic.
* Fixed so the dirty state doesn't set set to false automatically when the undo index is set to 0.
* Fixed the Selection.placeCaretAt so it works better on IE when the coordinate is between paragraphs.
* Fixed bug where data-mce-bogus="all" element contents where counted by the word count plugin.
* Fixed bug where contentEditable=false elements would be indented by the indent buttons.
* Fixed bug where images within contentEditable=false would be selected in WebKit on mouse click.
* Fixed bug in DOMUntils split method where the replacement parameter wouldn't work on specific cases.
* Fixed bug where the importcss plugin would import classes from the skin content css file.
* Fixed so all button variants have a wrapping span for it's text to make it easier to skin.
* Fixed so it's easier to exit pre block using the arrow keys.
* Fixed bug where listboxes with fix widths didn't render correctly.
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