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Add buttons to control FieldSet box width label element

idv Playing Cards

Playing cards button for TinyMCE


A variation on the default lightgray skin which does not use fonts to render icons. Useful for users who are using IE and have font downloads blocked.

HTML ImprovedCode

Improved HTML editor for TinyMCE


A more powerful and customizable emoticons plugin for TinyMCE 4


Sets a tabindex= attribute on the iframe for tabbing to/from TinyMCE

pepper-grinder skin

An easy-on-the-eyes skin to accompany the jQuery UI pepper-grinder theme for TinyMCE 4

XenMCE skin

A skin for TinyMCE 4 based on the XenForo colors scheme

Tundora skin

A dark tundora skin for TinyMCE 4

Charcoal skin

A dark charcoal skin for TinyMCE 4

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