Topic: Almost a year has passed

A full year has passed since the first code of TinyMCE was constructed, and almost a year has passed since TinyMCE was made a Sourceforge project.

We would like to take this oppertunity to say Thank you to everyone using and contributing to the development of this WYSIWYG editor, making it the best editor, now we need to make it the most used editor as well. This will be an interesting year in regards to how WYSIWYG editors will develop. As to future plans for TinyMCE, it will continue to be developed as a Sourceforge project but you can expect more addons etc. to be developed by us.

Here is some statistics from the logs of tinymce.moxiecode.com for the active year of 2004.


We where kind of hoping to get on the Top 10 Sourceforge list at some point in 2004, but I guess we where slightly optimistic. Downloads and visits to the TinyMCE SF page increases every month at a steady rate, so we will get there eventually.

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For contact (NOT support questions or bug reports, use forums & SF for that) you can email joakim at moxiecode dot com


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