Topic: TinyMCE 1.41 Released

So finally the 1.41 release is out.

This release contains a few new features such as better backend integration possibilities and better table management.

But some of the modifications in this release breaks backwards compatiblity this was needed inorder to cleanup the over all logic.

The first modification is that I moved all table logic into a plugin called table, this is to reduce the overall download time for the default theme. Why should TinyMCE load in all table logic if it isn't used.

The second modification is that all language packs are now renamed to use the ISO-639-2 standard. This is due to some countries may have multiple languages so FN codes where not always the best codes to use. :-)

The new backend integration possibilities include a way to add custom file browsers and droplists with serverside generated URLs to TinyMCE in a more clean and easy way.

The new table commands include two new popups one for table rows (TR) elements and one for table cells (TD). You may now set alignment, dimentions and classes on these elements.

Best regards,
Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE