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It was time for the 3.5 branch to go from beta to a production release. The 3.5 version includes HTML5 support, style preview support, rewritten noneditable plugin, selection and caret behavior changes/fixes, new enter/return logic and much more check the changelog for details.

This is also the first official release of the NuGet packages for TinyMCE.

Thanks for all bug reports and help with testing out the beta versions.

Here are some more details on whats in the 3.5 release:

Rewritten noneditable plugin
We decided to rewrite the noneditable plugin from scratch since the old one had some issues with nested editable contents and was a bit tricky to use. The new logic makes it easier to handle nested editable regions and inline noneditable blocks of text like variables/placeholders.

Here is a demo of the new noneditable plugin:

HTML5 support and visualblocks plugin
We have seen some feedback on subject of editing HTML5 contents inside TinyMCE so we decided to add support for editing the block level HTML5 elements like section and article etc.

We needed to create a visualblocks plugin in order to edit these new block types since it would be difficult without having visible guidelines where the blocks start/end.

Here is a demo of the visualblocks plugin and a config setup for editing HTML5.

Styles preview
A common request over the years have been to have a preview of the styles in the styles drop down. The common response we had before was that it would be difficult since some CSS properties of these styles might interfere with the UI. We solved this by only taking CSS properties that alter text appearance and not the once that might break layout.

New br_in_pre option
This option is enabled by default and changes the behavior on how the enter key is used within a pre tag. Since most pre tags are used for things like code examples like on our Wiki it made more sense to produce a BR on enter by default and only split pre tags when hitting shift+enter. If you don't want this new behavior you can set the br_in_pre to false.

BR vs P
I've seen a lot of requests over the years to have better support for producing BR elements by default in the editor. And I have always tried to explain why paragraphs is better than br:s.

But guess what I got some news for you BR fan boys out there this version now fully supports BR elements and things like alignment and indentation work it will auto generate a div if you don't have any block element to align or indent.

The force_br_newlines/force_p_newlines where removed since it doesn't make sense to mix the forced_root_block option with that. So just set forced_root_block to false and it will start spitting out those pesky BR elements. smile

If you want to split a block element while having forced_root_block set to false you would have to press shift+enter since enter will insert a BR within the block. We might add some option to control this as well in the future.

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Congrats on another release!

We'll be using it soon, thank you.

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Is there any new init() params? Can we have more detail about the HTML5 additions?


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+1 for more details about release, please. "What's new in TinyMCE 3.5"

Can't find anything in the Wiki. Would be much easier if I could provide a single link to my colleagues who should be aware of any new features we could use. Obviously most people don't need to read through the list of bug fixes in the changelog since 3.4.9, nor should they have to read the release notes for 3.5b1, 3.5b2, 3.5b3 and 3.5!!


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Merged the details into to the main post. Thanks for pointing this out.

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I have a template that includes an anchor (href="$!{somevalue}").  When this is inserted it is being URL encoded (href="$%21%7Bsomevalue%7D").  This is only happening in the href, a similar value within a p element in the same template is left alone.  This did not occur in 3.2.5 (I am in the process of upgrading to, where the problem occurs).  The value is not URL encoded when I load the page directly so it appears that TinyMCE is doing something.

This is pretty much what was described in http://www.tinymce.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=26012, though that thread went nowhere.

Is there a configuration option that might resolve this?



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very good,thanks


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very good.

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