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Begun in 2002 as an ASP (vb script) + Access database web app, it has evolved through iterations in ASP.Net + Access and ASP.Net + SQL Server. It now unleashes the power of jQuery UI to provide a drag/drop experience when adding custom code modules to pages and TinyMCE to provide a rich HTML editing experience. It also provides the capability to run up a new look/feel in short order by simply tagging an ASPX html markup file with specific CMS controls.

CarrotCake is an Open Source CMS (content management system) built on C# ASP.Net to leverage jQuery UI (v 1.8) and TinyMCE (v. 3.5). Designed for ease of use for editing pages & incorporating of modules/custom code. This CMS is built on ASP.Net 3.5 WebForms, SQL Membership Provider, LINQ to SQL, and MSSQL Server.

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A good news: I solved the problem. Thanks anyway. Bye


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Since I cannot post links, you'll have to Google for my project or visit the Microsoft Codeplex website and search the CMS projects, else I would link to the release notes

I added blog capabilities to the CMS a few weeks back as well as updated to the 3.5.8 version of TinyMCE and last week released a TinyMCE plugin with the CMS that allows the editors to add preformatted code blocks.