Topic: Help needed with my home made web page system.

Hi there.

I feel I need help with TinyMCE.
I have built my own x-platform web content editor from scratch.
It started out as a 'menu-shuffler/juggler', but I then found that there was nothing compatible with it.
So I built my own system, which is X-platform and multilingual (it changes language at the click of a button!) but is now several operating system upgrades adrift.
It can export sites between machines and even retain login information.
It outputs flat HTML, but I am running an ancient variant of TinyMCE (Version (2010-09-29)) and need help updating it to it's current version.
Every time I try to upgrade, it simply falls apart.

I have released it as 'Open Source', it is called "Dutycrew" and is available from sourceforge.net
Can anyone help me out?
The page I am having difficulty with is "http://localhost:9940/dutycrew/admin/editor.php?lang=enuk", it is one directory outside the TinyMCE file directory.

I know I am asking a lot, but I have been downgraded with a brain tumour, compounded by a stroke (triggered by a biopsy on the tumour) and have recently completed a course of radiotherapy which has damaged my mental stamina but not my thinking power. Shame really as my brain was the one thing that I thought I could depend on, sadly that is not the case.
There, said it all.
Any offers of help welcomed. See my post: [https://sourceforge.net/p/dutycrew/disc … /69224f38/] for more info.
Downloadable from:

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Busy recovering from a stroke that has left me with little spare mental capacity!
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Re: Help needed with my home made web page system.

that's right, come on