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We finally managed to get the first beta version out for TinyMCE 4.0. This is a major rewrite of the whole API all plugins, skins etc.

There are some compatibility with 3.x but these will be documented in an migration guide. We will also document all plugins, options etc the next couple of weeks. We plan to have a tight release schedule for each beta until we get the final out.

We made a presentation of some of the major features:

We love to get your feedback, bug reports etc on this new version.


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Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


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you had me at CDN 8-)


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First of all, the beta version looks very nice, congratulations!

Do you have any idea when the final version will be released? And will it include a "paste from word" button?




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Hi -

Does 4.0b1 not support IE8 completely ?

I can't insert rows below/after, merge cells in a table, etc ... this IE8 error gets thrown:

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; InfoPath.3)
Timestamp: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 18:52:18 UTC

Message: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, or of a type that does not accept the focus.
Line: 7
Char: 6280
Code: 0
URI: http://static.tinymce.com/tinymce/js/4. … mce.min.js


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Wonderful! It's finally out in the open. I'm impressed by the new "desktop app"-like approach. The icon -bloated toolbars have been replaced by a nice menue.

I'm not sure I like this metallic look all in grey colours, though. So I'll wait and see if there aren't some nice more colourful themes coming up...

I've seen that in the initialization code there seems to be a new property "selector" which seems to replace the old "mode" property... at least in some examples. Some still have "mode" so you guys seem to have spent a lot of thought on backwards compatibility - NICE!

As soon as the final version is out I'll incorporate it into my CMS. I guess some API changes will require a plugin rewrite - yet again. *g* Maybe the experiences I'm about to make during my rewrite of my old plugin will help with an updated file browser article in the wiki?

Greetings from Germany,

Felix Riesterer.
-- I am neither Moxiecode nor Ephox! --


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@barrtt_m: We don't have a fixed release date for the final. But as soon as we get all the non edge case bugs and issues resolved. We won't re-introduce paste form word unless we have to the current paste plugin will do cleanup automatically when word is pasted in. The dialog is only needed for some very specific cases for example when the security model in IE is set to be very restrictive so we might auto detect that and present a dialog only for those users affected. We want to keep the UI clean, no clutter. smile

@davjaq: Will look into that and more IE 7, 8 specific bugs. We have dropped support for IE 6 and IE 7 is pending meaning everything for it is made easy to remove once we drop that.

@Felix: Yes, the selector was in 3.x as well but we will push that now since it's more flexible than the old mode option. We will make a few skins such as a darker variant and possible a classic/retro version.
It's mostly the UI API that has been changed. Will write an migration guide a.s.a.p.

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Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


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Looks very nice and easier to use.

Couple of tester comments have been that the new skin looks nice but the buttons seem a bit too large compared to the textarea.

So hopefully there will be a few skin  variants available. smile


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Will have a classic skin so that people using old icon sets for example can use it and then we need to make the buttons smaller in toolbars since they wouldn't exactly fit.

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Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


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The new version looks wonderful.

But, what about the old functionality e.g. by adding a picture or link? The old dialog offers much more options by inserting an image or URL, whereas the new ones are pretty simple.

Is this functionality gone in the 4.x generation?

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I had a dream that someone finally started to fix/review bugs. >1300 bugs in tracker is just crazy. I remember a similiar situation in jQuery's bugtracker a couple of years ago, now they have less than 100 (including feature requests). I believe you can do something similiar and I hope the new release doesn't bring another hundreds of new bugs. All in all, great job with the new release but we want more wink


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Menu is great. But, will it be possible to use also the buttons instead of menus?


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@qtx: We will try to keep the UI clean. The problem with the 3.x branch was that the UI was way to complex for non geeks. But if we add more complex image tools we will probably hide them away a bit possible under it's own dialog. You can disable the menubar and only use buttons. We haven't added an example for that yet.

@alec: Yes, we need to be faster on reviewing the bug reports. The problem is that each bug item takes time to review. We might need more people working on that.

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Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


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Wow - looks fantastic. Very well done guys.

May I ask if there will be any sort of spell checker solution included with the first release?


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Great job,
I have tried to install replacing the 3.5 version but don't find the plugin in the right path


but try to load under..

load under

Same config work with the previous version...



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Looks great guys. Congratulations! The clean mean UI is a huge improvement and addresses many of my clients' difficulties using TinyMCE.

I look forward to testing it soon and wish you all the best with the inevitable initial bux-fixing marathon!


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You can disable the menubar and only use buttons.

Will have a classic skin so that people using old icon sets for example can use it and then we need to make the buttons smaller in toolbars since they wouldn't exactly fit.

That is good news. Necessity to use dropdown menus (instead of buttons) would be counter-productive. Of course it is good to think of non-geeks, but many a developer use TinyMCE in all kinds of admin systems where users learn their buttons by heart and are not afraid of them.

Thanks for that nice 3D-presentation, it was very interesting to learn what has been done in the rewrite. With all these technical changes, the new version is nothing short of awesome!

P.S. How does one float images around in the new version? The examples have a floated image, but I can't find the right submenu to that.


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@seb835: There is a spellchecker with the package. Though we haven't released any backend for it and it needs some polishing. smile

@vaviloff: We will be re-adding what makes sense into the default dialogs. Realy edge case tools will be placed in external plugins etc. We want to maintain a really clean UI. Most of the things like aligning images can be done by selecting an image and aligning it. So many of the dialog tools are redundant mostly because they where added a long time ago and better ways of doing the same thing has been introduced.

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Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


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the problem that I reported depends from a rename of the jquery.tinymce.min.js and tinymce.min.js (removed min)




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Please don't support IE6,7,8.
We need a stable version.


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Very exciting news, guys!

Well done. And I think the default skin looks fantastic. Clean, simplistic, intuitive ...

Looking forward to the stable release.


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That's great stuff guys!

The new UI looks very pro! Is the styling of the default skin based on twitter bootstrap?


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Has the official support for mobile browsers on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc changed by any chance? By that I mean will they be supported?

I just tested on my Transformer Prime running Android 4.1:

* Chrome 26 - Highlight some text and then press bold and it's like that is making the selection. Need to press bold a second time to bold things. This is consistent with version 3. Use the new menus and this works as expected.
* Default browser - It can easily highlight a single word, but try and edit the selection and it basically moves to the beginning until where you wanted it.This is a change from version 3.
* Firefox 20 - Highlighting works even better than it did in version 3.0. It works perfect if you select a word and edit it to select further to the right. It falls apart when you try to make it select to the left. As soon as you highlight text and hit bold/italic it will perform the action. Bring up the menus and you lose the selection.
* Opera 12.1 - Highlighting was the easiest of all the browsers. Unfortunately as soon as I clicked on the italic button it unselected the text and moved the cursor to the beginning. This is a regression from version 3. Interesting enough. If you highlight and bring up the menus it does not lose the selection right away. You can even hit strikethrough and it works. Hit bold and it jumps the cursor to the beginning and creates a new paragraph with strong text.

iPhone 4 running iOS 6 - I could select text once and italicize. Selected some other text and then hit bold and it bolded the first text ...

Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.2.2 sees the same results from the Transformer Prime.

Under no situation was I able to drag images using iOS or Android. Nor could I drag the image with my finger or a pen on a Surface Pro (but I could with a mouse). That is consistent with version 3.0. I actually have code that fixes this with version 3 that I could maybe help with if interested.


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Oh yeah, and the inline editing mode is AWESOME!

BTW, at one point I thought TinyMCE was discussing a future version that allowed a single editor that could be locked into a specific location when you had multiple editors on a page. Is this possible with 4.0? Or am I totally mistaken?


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Report from my iPad tester:

I can select a word and highlight more text fine.
But when I try to apply bold or italics it only is applied to the first word selected, not the other highlighted text.
Then if I select another section of text, and apply bold, it unfolds the previously selected word, and does nothing to the selected word or text.
Also, if I select text and highlight more, then try to hide the keyboard, it unselects the text.


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I couldnt find the advanced properties for images (like the borders, spacing ect) and also I can not see where we can use custom classes.   these were MAJOR things that I relied on.  please tell me there is a way to enable...