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This release re-adds the anchor list for the link plugin this was removed when the UI was rewritten for 4.x. We also fixed a critical bugs on Opera and IE 8. Check the changelog for details.

Fixed bug where formatting using menus or toolbars wasn't possible on Opera 12.15.
Fixed bug where IE 8 keyboard input would break after paste using the paste plugin.
Fixed bug where IE 8 would throw an error when populating image size in image dialog.
Fixed bug where image resizing wouldn't work properly on latest IE 10.0.9 version.
Fixed bug where focus wasn't moved to the hovered menu button in a menubar container.
Fixed bug where paste would produce an extra uneeded undo level on IE and Gecko.
Fixed so anchors gets listed in the link dialog as they where in TinyMCE 3.x.
Fixed so sub, sup and strike though gets passed through when pasting from Word.
Fixed so Ctrl+P can be used to print the current document. Patch contributed by jashua212.

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You are amazing! I love everytime more tinymce. But could you please come back with the ability to change/set classes to images using the contextmenu option Insert/Edit image ? I am using the image_advtab as true but there is no abitlity to change the class.

And one more tip: if you could add the ability to change/set class and styles of div/span using the context menu would be amazing!

I've been using your tinymce in about 600 websites in sitepor500.com.br and 99% of the clients have no complain, it's fast and the cdn saves me a lot of bandwidth!

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Hi everyone, I'm new on the site forum, and I have a big problem to install tinymce 4 with PHP 5, when I use moxiemanager I can not set the rootpath ... Please can you m 'help?


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Moxiemanager has it's own FAQ here:

and as a customer you can login to post a support ticket.


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Yes, we don't offer support for the MoxieManager product though these forums anymore. Use the support ticket system we have on the www.moxiemanager.com site and you will get a faster response.

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We've just updated, thanks for this release!

I must say it's getting a lot more stable; well done!

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Version 4.0 is really light and fast!

Migrating custom plugins from 3.x was not as difficult as I thought.

Will we have fullscreen_settings in version 4 fullscreen plugin?
We used it to specify different toolbar when in fullscreen mode.


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You have done an excellent job with this update. Congratulations!


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I posted a similar message on another thread about custom styles. In previous versions we use to link a stylesheet and it had a styles drop down menu for users to select. This is missing and now requires additional code to read a CSS file, parse it and generate a json array.

It was really simple before and is important to us, and others i'm sure.

Can we please have this back?



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I realise this is a browser issue, but in FF & Chrome I'm receiving the message:

"Your browser doesn't support direct access to the clipboard. Please use the Ctrl+X/C/V keyboard shortcuts instead."

Now this isn't a problem for me. However I have an elderly client who's having difficulty with the keyboard shortcut and prefers a button.

Wondering if anyone knows a way round how to give FF & Chrome access to the clipboard? In IE it brings a pop up giving you the option to allow access?



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In FF it's possible to reconfigure the browser to support direct access however it's not recommended since it might produce a security issue if people have creditcard numbers in their clipboard or something. Not sure if it's possible in WebKit at all.

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I'm trying to migrate from tinymce 3.5.11 to version 4.1.7 . Is there any documentation to help in the migration process ?
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Thanks for your time and help
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When upgrading from 3.x, you need to replace everything, so it's mostly like a fresh install.

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Ok. Thanks for your reply

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