Topic: TinyMCE 4.0.11 Released

Here is yet another maintenance/patch release with a bunch of bug fixes and some minor features to the autosave, pagebreak, paste and template plugins. Check the changelog for details.

Added the possibility to update button icon after it's been rendered.
Added new autosave_prefix option allows you to set the prefix for the local storage keys.
Added new pagebreak_split_block option to make it easier to split block elements with a page break.
Fixed bug where IE would some times produce font elements when typing out side the body root blocks.
Fixed bug where IE wouldn't properly use the configured root block element but instead use the a paragraph.
Fixed bug where IE would throw a stack overflow if control selections non images was made in inline mode.
Fixed bug where IE 8 would render an extra enter element if the contents of the editor was empty.
Fixed bug where the caret wasn't moved to the first suitable element when updating the source.
Fixed bug where protocol relative urls would be forced into http protocol.
Fixed bug where internal images with data urls such as video elements would be removed by the paste_data_images option.
Fixed bug where the autoresize plugin wouldn't properly resize the editor to initial contents some times.
Fixed bug where the templates dialog wouldn't be properly rendered on IE 7.
Fixed bug where updating styles in the advanced tab under the image dialog would remove the style attribute on cancel.
Fixed bug where tinymce.full.min.js bundle script wasn't detected when looking for the tinymce root path.
Fixed bug where the SaxParser would throw a malformed URI sequence for inproperly encoded uris.
Fixed bug where enabling table caption wouldn't properly render the caption element on IE 10 and below.
Fixed bug where the scrollbar would be placed to the left and on top of the text of menu items in RTL mode.
Fixed bug where Firefox on Mac OS X would navigate forward/backward on CMD+Arrow keys.
Fixed bug where fullscreen toggle on fixed sized editors wouldn't be properly full screened.
Fixed bug where the unlink button would remove all links from the body element in inline mode under running in IE.
Fixed bug where iOS wasn't able to place the caret inside an empty editor when clicking below the first line.
Fixed so internal document anchors in Word documents are retained when pasting using the paste from word feature.
Fixed so menu shortcuts gets rendered with the Apple command icon patch contributed by Andy Keller.
Fixed so the CSS compression of styles like "border" is a bit better for mixed values.
Fixed so the template_popup_width/template_popup_height option works properly in the template plugin.
Fixed so the languages parameter for AddOnManager.requireLangPack works the same way as for 3.x.
Fixed so the autosave plugin uses the current page path, query string and editor id as it's default prefix.
Fixed so the fullpage plugin adds/removes any link style sheets to the current iframe document.
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Re: TinyMCE 4.0.11 Released

Great progress.

Is there anywhere with the roadmap status, like minor critical features coming up?
We're waiting on the global attribute features, data fields +/or title.



Re: TinyMCE 4.0.11 Released

Hi, is that the bug with inserting code into a PRE tag is fixed ?

If you add code in the PRE tag is execute reload page hmm

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Re: TinyMCE 4.0.11 Released

I'm tested this new release and I've noticed that when I try to change the button type (extend it) it doesn't work anymore. More precisely, I wanted to disable the extra format for the list buttons. So I was using this code until  now:

            ed.on('BeforeRenderUI', function(e) {
                function disableExtra(button){
                    if(typeof ed.buttons[button].type !== 'undefined'){
                        ed.buttons[button].type = 'button';

                if(parent.getParam('extraLists') != true){

With the last version, it doesn't work anymore (the button is modified, but without any effect).

By the way, the parameters "advlist_bullet_styles" & "advlist_number_styles" are undocumented in the help.

Edit: the above problem has been resolved thanks to Spocke:
http://www.tinymce.com/develop/bugtrack … hp?id=6543

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Re: TinyMCE 4.0.11 Released

The 4.0.11 release is really a nice one. Well done and thank you for it. By the way, if you accept to do a little teasing will MCE 4.1 have new features or will it be "just" a new release fixing a few things? wink