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Lots and lots of minor features and bug fixes in this release. Such as preview of classes in image and link dialogs, a new title input field for the link dialog added since it's needed to create accessible contents and a bunch of bug fixes regarding paste from Word/Open office/Google docs etc.

Check the changelog for details on all these fixes and the docs for the new options in the wiki.

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Thanks Spocke :-)


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Amazing, thank you for the good work!


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I'm using your CDN hosted by Cachefly so I assume 4.0.21 is updated and I'm automatically using the latest version. 

This being the case, I've started experiencing a problem where; if I refresh a web page with the same content (html including textarea).  The second time, tinyMCE is not initiated and simply shows me a basic textarea.

Has anything changed with regard to cacheing or re-initiating a previous tinymce.init() ?

Could it be something to do with fix added to this release
"Fixed bug where multiple calls to the same init would produce extra editor instances."

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I've just downloaded and installed 4.0.20.  I have not changed any underlying code in my system whatsoever and now tinyMCE performs correctly. 

Therefore, you should consider testing "Fixed bug where multiple calls to the same init would produce extra editor instances." against the scenario I described.

Please do get in touch if you would like me to expand upon this problem or you would like me to test any fixes you apply.


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Need to know more details here. File a bug report with steps to reproduce what browser you are using etc. Haven't seen any other reports so it might be an implementation issue such as a async problem. Will diff the versions see if I spot anything that might be related.

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Spocke - Main developer of TinyMCE


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Help fix the "mistake" in 3 versions. When you add a table through the "clipboard" editor automatically adds a lot of spaces in front of the table.


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hi all,
How to add indian lanuage like(bengali , oriya, Tamil, Marathi) support in new TinyMCE?