Topic: Custom Formats: How to NOT merge identical following blocks?


I have created a custom format for the TinyMCE in Wordpress. What i want is to wrap a couple of paragraphs into one block. And the next couple of paragraphs into a block of the same type. But TinyMCE keeps merging the two blocks into one.


<div class="block">myblock1 myblock2</div>

instead of

<div class="block">myblock1</div><div class="block">myblock2</div>

These are the options i used:

'title' => 'Compact', 
'block' => 'div', 
'classes' => 'compact',
'wrapper' => true,
'exact' => true,

I thought setting 'exact' to true would solve this issue, but it doesn't.

Any hints? Thank you!