Topic: [Webinar] See what's new in version 4.3

If you received our newsletter last week, you'd know that we've been really busy with the new website, new logo, redesigned documentation and the release of version 4.3, which improves overall stability and the handling of "read-only content".

Since there's so much that's new in version 4.3, we are holding a webinar to help introduce and highlight the updates.

Connect with TinyMCE cofounder Joakim Lindkvist and team on Tuesday, December 15 to learn how these improvements impact you.

Our live demo will highlight:

* The way TinyMCE now handles "read-only content"
* The new image features including super-simple image captions
* How live media embedding works (might include Star Wars trailers)
* How the new inline toolbar makes table editing a breeze

Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2015
Time: 10:00 a.m. PT*
Michael Fromin, Director of Client Services
Joakim Lindkvist, Cofounder of TinyMCE
Andrew Roberts, CEO

Register now!

*1pm US Eastern. 6pm GMT. 7pm Skellefteå. 11.30pm Mumbai. 5am Sydney (Wed).

If you can't make it due to the time, sign up and we’ll ping you when a recording is available.

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Re: [Webinar] See what's new in version 4.3

I just learn that the CDN link address has changed since 4.3.4 without notice. Wouldn't that be worth a notice here in the news section? I still don't find any way to register a news service to get the really important news.


Re: [Webinar] See what's new in version 4.3

Hi @manu37 agreed, we can definitely do much better. We'll have a signup online shortly and we're launching a new community forum in a matter of days that will definitely help with distributing news.

For anyone reading this post, the updated CDN url is in all the examples on the tinymce.com site and docs:

Marketing & Communications @ TinyMCE