Topic: Error in tinymce reported by CRM station

We use a CRM application that uses tinyMCE as text editor in the email client, some of the older machines in the office with XP and also machines with Windows 7 (not all XP machines, nor all Win7 machines, just some) have been reporting the following error when we access a template email to send to customers

Line         :100
Character :2
Error        : ‘tinymce.editors.0.id’ is null or not an object
Code        : 0
URL          : file://C:\Documents and Settings\ven01\Local Settings\Application Data\RedHorse TinyMCE\tinymce.html

Line          :2
Character  :30267
Error         :Unknown error during execution
Code         :0
URL           :file:///C:/Users/Karla%20Morales/App Data/Local/RedHorseTinyMCE/tinymce//js/tinymce//tinymce.min.js

For as much as we have tried to figure out the reason why tinymce works in some computers and does not in others we have been unable to resolve the issue, does anyone have a clue of what might be wrong

We even tried writting emails with a single letter considering that the character indicated might be at fault but even on a single character email the program reports the page script error.