Topic: media (youtube) resize inside the editor

Hello all

hope there are an solution for my problem:

I'm using 4.x version. So there I can resize images inside the editor without using menu, only with draging with mouse..

is there any option to do the same with video embedded inside editor? I mean, after input youtube surce (for example) I want to change youtube (iframe) size using mouse only within editor..

Thanks for help.

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Re: media (youtube) resize inside the editor

Hi again, i found the solution for it by myself smile

just add media_live_embeds : false to init, so I able to change the size of videos area inside the editor:

pity that there no option to resize media when media_live_embeds is true..

Question: can I add toggle button or checkbox which will allow to user to decide if he want to switch on or off the media_live_embeds option for editor? I have to build it by myself or if there already ready solution for it?

thanks for help again.