Topic: TinyMCE 4.4 Released

TinyMCE 4.4 was released several weeks ago and we bumped the version to to 4.4.1 last week with a minor update fixing a few bugs. You can see the changelog here: https://www.tinymce.com/docs/changelog/

The big news in the 4.4 release is a new theme called InLite, which brings a more minimalist user experience to TinyMCE's inline mode. It's pretty cool and we hope you like it. We have a demo available, so please check it out: https://www.tinymce.com/docs/demo/inlite/

We also made improvements to accessibility, contentEditable=false, the image editor and added some new integrations to the documentation.

Lastly, we're running webinars this week to demo the new InLite theme and the new Advanced Code Editor plugin, which brings an IDE-like interface to the source code view. Register for any of our webinars at any time via our events page: https://www.ephox.com/events/

You can read more about the updates in the 4.4 release in our release announcement:
https://www.ephox.com/blog/new-medium-s … nymce-4-4/

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