Topic: tinymce code inserting, can't get it to work

I enabled codesample plugin https://www.tinymce.com/docs/plugins/codesample/
and to test it I entered just head tag like this


and it displays like this in the editor


when I save this to database it gets saved like this:

    <pre class="language-markup"><code>&lt;head&gt;</code></pre>

When I reload the page all i get is this in the editor


Database still looks like

    <pre class="language-markup"><code>&lt;head&gt;</code></pre>

but there is no head tag visible in the editor. Any ideas why?


Re: tinymce code inserting, can't get it to work

Try https://github.com/donShakespeare/twPreCodeManager

Author of the awesome tinymceBubbleBar.js and TinymceWrapper for MODX