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This forum is for showing off your implementation of TinyMCE.

Please write something about how you use TinyMCE at work, as a hobby project or in some CMS solution. We love to hear what other developers are doing with TinyMCE.

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I'm working on CMS for 6 years. I was looking for a cross browser solution and I started to study Tiny MCE. I think your approach is very interesting. I will be able to post a link to try your product in my CMS in a few days.

My goal is to transform my CMS in a clusterized massive hosting system. The particularity of my application is to be multilingual, multi platform and it's an hosted application shared framework allowing use of internal applications like Newsletter, contact forms, site-map, RSS, Google map or external applications like forums or collaborative applications.

I know there is a lot of existing powerful CMS in the world but It's just a personal challenge for me... A king of training to increase my expertise...

Thanks for your tools... They are well done..

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Please visit http://bizyweb.com - bizyweb simple CMS - uses tinymce for the 'Place Managers'.  The big idea of the product:  using an existing website, give a novice user the ability to change content on the pages.  Turn any site into a 'content receptive' website.   You can give the user a big sandbox or restrict his editorial options.


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I have a problem with TinyMCE.

I have a web page with a form in which there are 5 textarea objects, each one handled by TinyMCE, using simple theme.

The problem is when I wrote a large text within a textarea, it doesn't is sent to processing page, just when the text is shorter  than 100 characters.

I couldn't find in help in documentation about limit size for texts. In other applications, I've written texts longer than 100 characters without any problem.

Someone knows what is the happening and the solution to such a problem? Thanks a lot.


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A good news: I solved the problem. Thanks anyway. Bye


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I add the line "emoticons template paste textcolor moxiemanager" and my TinyMCE dont work!


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Are there a step-by-step instructions for installing and implementing TinyMCE in a Cold fusion Application?  By Step-by-Step I mean almost keystroke-by-keystroke.

I was able to copy the TinyMCE folder from a friends CF Project and copied the script from his code.  That pasted into my project and works great.  I changed the Simple to Advanced and picked up those additional features as well.

I would like to get this editor ( http://www.tinymce.com/tryit/basic.php ) running on my site but I just can't seem to follow the directions and make the upgrade.

Thanks, Charles


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