Topic: TinyMCE 4.3 Released

TinyMCE 4.3 has been released a day ago or so, you see the website is updated as well as the documentation.

We still have a lot of work left on the community part of the website (forum, language etc).

Read more on our blog post.

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Re: TinyMCE 4.3 Released

Looks great.  But are you aware that when you fullscreen the example tinymce editor, the website top navigation menu sits on top of the tinymce editor and prevents anyone clicking on any menus or buttons?


Re: TinyMCE 4.3 Released

Yes it is being worked on, we are aware of it, but thanks for reporting!

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Re: TinyMCE 4.3 Released

Seems the code editor is broken in the new demo examples...

* try basic example -> Tools -> source code
* try fully featured example -> Tools -> source code

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Re: TinyMCE 4.3 Released

Thanks Felix. Created an issue in the docs github repo. Looking into it.

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Re: TinyMCE 4.3 Released

As always, great update :-) Thank you!

In the release article talking about the re-write of the "non-editable" plugin you say:

"With the Noneditable Plugin, you can enable the nesting of writable and non-writable areas to create content “widgets” or “templates.”

This seems to work fine - I nested an editable block within a non-editable block and it works exactly as I expect.

I suspect this means the documentation on the following page just needs to catch up with the implementation?


Thanks again - love TinyMCE!