Topic: Selecting Non-Editables in IE would automatically scroll the editor

I have some non editable fields in my editor, when you double click on these non editables you would see a popup where you can edit it. But in IE clicking on some of the non-editable but result in auto scrolling
I have created a fiddle to explain my issue: http://fiddle.tinymce.com/e3faab/25
In the fiddle all non-editable have a yellow background. The ones which work with out any problem have green color and the ones which would get auto scrolled to the end are in red color


Try to single click the placeholder which are in green color. It would let to select the non-editable.

Scroll down to the end of the text where you see non-editables with yellow background and red color.

Try to single click one of the red colored non-editable the editor would automatically scroll to the bottom

In chrome it won't auto-scroll but the scroll-able area increases to more than the length of the text

I think the problem may be because I have a zoom plugin in my editor but I could not figure out where the auto scrolling takes place. Any help would be appreciated