Topic: select (hilite) left of cursor char, then word, then line, then body.

I am working on a function to select (highlight in blue) the single character to the
left of cursor, then on next click/running, select the word for that character, then select
the line or sentence for that character, then select the entire body for the editor.
It can be 4 clicks of a button, or 4 runs of the function via a listener ctrl+a key combo.
I guess that when the editor ever gets focus, the select(s) would be cleared so the function (counter if any needed) would also be cleared.

I want this because I find it is always tricky to select a single character, especially in the middle of a word, and even more tricky to select things in the middle of "languagetool.org" app when they are highlighted for possible spellchecking or grammar errors.

So, 1- click for the character, 2- clicks for the word, 3- clicks for the line/sentence,
and 4- clicks for the entire text.  I guess the line/sentence may be impossible, so
that can be optional or maybe just everything to left/right of cursor.

The solution must work first and foremost with IE11 using tinyMCE version 3.5.6,
as that is what languagetool.org is using, and I have not been able to use another
later tinyMCE version with them so far.


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