TinyMCE 4.2

The best, most downloaded, most used and most
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Latest Changes

Since the first TinyMCE 4 release, quite a lot has happened, we are going to highlight some of the changes made in the next slides.


The skin was first updated heavily in the 4.0 release, and now we have taken steps to modernize the skin further in the 4.2 release.

Don't forget that you can make your own skins using our skin.tinymce.com website.

Modern look and feel

Quick access to formatting options

Easily customizable

Using skin.tinymce.com you can customize your own skins.

Improved touch support

With the latest release, we also improved touch support, we still have some way to go to improve the TinyMCE experience on Mobile/iPad platforms.

TinyMCE Image Tools plugin

With 4.2 we released a new feature, something not seen in any other Open Source WYSIWYG editor, tools for manipulating images right in your browser!

Inline toolbars

Crop, Resize and apply filters

Upload API

As part of the TinyMCE Image Tools feature, we also needed a way to update the images once they are edited, so an Upload API was provided to handle just that.

CDN success

Since the release of TinyMCE 4 we have seen a massive usage on our Content Deliver Network, serving well over 100GB of data per day!

Inline Editing

The inline editing feature has been worked on in the last minor upgrades, it should be more stable and well really for production use as we are seeing more and more using this feature.


Work has begun on improving the documentation, we have heard your feedback, and we are putting resources into this, it is an ongoing project that will add more content to our documentation in the form of improved examples, better description texts as well as videos coming in the near future.


TinyMCE 4.2 is considered stable and ready for production use.

Please submit any bug reports in our bug tracker on tinymce.com if you find any.

Thank you!

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