The MCFileManager is a online file management utility, available as PHP and .NET, that is seamlessly integrated with TinyMCE or other similar editors. This utility can also be used standalone and it's easy to integrate with your backend system. MCFileManager also integrates nicely with MCImageManager forming a complete set of file and image management functionality.


Visit the forum (tinymce website) to ask questions about MCFileManager and get tips & tricks as well as support.

Key Features

  • Easy to integrate, seamless integration with TinyMCE.
  • Create directories and documents from templates.
  • Flexible configuration through .htaccess like files
  • Upload files, allow/deny files names by patterns.
  • Manage access, enable/disable actions in various directories.
  • Easy to extend with custom plugins.
  • Full source included, not obfuscated.
  • Zip/Unzip support works just like any directory.
  • Ajax based interface using a JSON bridge.
  • Multilanguage support.