This document is the index/reference page for all configuration options available in the 3.x version. Documentation for older versions are contained within the zip package.

All configuration options are located in a file called config.php or web.config depending on if you are using the PHP or .NET version of the product.

General options

Preview options

Createdir options

Stream options

Filesystem options

Authenticator options

SessionAuthenticator options

IPAuthenticator options

ExternalAuthenticator options

Thumbnail options

Edit options

Download options

Upload options

Local file system options

Logging options

FileManager options

Directory specific configuration

ImageManager has a special access files that can be placed in folders to control/override options. This file is by default named "mc_access" and it may contain any config option as long as it's not left out of the allow_override option.

Place a "_" character in front of option names to only override options in the current directory, so it doesn't get inherited by sub directories.

Example of a mc_access file

# Excludes some files

# Only for this level

# Restrict max upload file size to 5 MB