JavaScript Options

This document is the index/reference page for all JavaScript initialization options available for the MCImageManager.

JavaScript options

These options are available when the JavaScript for MCImageManager is initialized or with a function call. These options are most useful for integration purposes or when using MCImageManager in standalone mode or as a TinyMCE plugin, but remember to add the "imagemanager_" prefix infront of each option when it's used as a plugin for TinyMCE check the example below.

Options available in both standalone mode and as a TinyMCE plugin:

TinyMCE plugin specific options

Some options are only available when the MCImageManager is used as a TinyMCE plugin, here are some TinyMCE specific options.

Setting page level options

Setting options for all open calls on a page is done using the mcImageManager.init javascript call, much like the init call in TinyMCE. Notice that this call is normally not needed unless you have specific requirements for the integration with TinyMCE or using the application in standalone mode.

Example of standalone init call

<script type="text/javascript">
document_base_url : "/",
relative_urls : true,
remove_script_host : true

Example of standalone link call

You can also override the init call settings by specifying them in the open call. See the example below.

<a href="'someform','somefield','','',{path : 'files', remember_last_path : false});">

Example of TinyMCE init call

This is a example on how to use the options above together with TinyMCE.

<script type="text/javascript">
plugins : 'imagemanager',
imagemanager_remember_last_path : false