This plugin adds fullscreen editing mode to TinyMCE.

Installation Instructions

  1. Add plugin to TinyMCE plugin option list example: plugins : "fullscreen".
  2. Add the fullscreen button name to button list, example: theme_advanced_buttons3_add : "fullscreen".

Plugin options

fullscreen_settings This option gives you the ability to have different settings applied when the editor is in fullscreen mode for example more tools. This option will only work together with fullscreen_new_window.
fullscreen_new_window This option enables you to switch on the old style new window mode this is disabled by default.

Initialization Example

theme : "advanced",
mode : "textareas",
plugins : "fullscreen",
theme_advanced_buttons3_add : "fullscreen",
fullscreen_new_window : true,
fullscreen_settings : {
theme_advanced_path_location : "top"