Contains classes for handling the browsers DOM.


Class Summary
tinymce.dom.BookmarkManager This class handles selection bookmarks
tinymce.dom.ControlSelection This class handles control selection of elements
tinymce.dom.DomQuery This class mimics most of the jQuery API: This is whats currently implemented: - Utility functions
tinymce.dom.DOMUtils Utility class for various DOM manipulation and retrieval functions
tinymce.dom.EventUtils This class wraps the browsers native event logic with more convenient methods
tinymce.dom.RangeUtils This class contains a few utility methods for ranges
tinymce.dom.ScriptLoader This class handles asynchronous/synchronous loading of JavaScript files it will execute callbacks wh
tinymce.dom.Selection This class handles text and control selection it's an crossbrowser utility class
tinymce.dom.Serializer This class is used to serialize DOM trees into a string
tinymce.dom.TreeWalker TreeWalker class enables you to walk the DOM in a linear manner