Contains various utility classes such as json parser, cookies etc.


Class Summary
tinymce.util.Color This class lets you parse/serialize colors and convert rgb/hsb
tinymce.util.EventDispatcher This class lets you add/remove and fire events by name on the specified scope
tinymce.util.I18n I18n class that handles translation of TinyMCE UI
tinymce.util.JSON JSON parser and serializer class
tinymce.util.JSONRequest This class enables you to use JSON-RPC to call backend methods
tinymce.util.LocalStorage This class will simulate LocalStorage on IE 7 and return the native version on modern browsers
tinymce.util.Tools This class contains various utlity functions
tinymce.util.URI This class handles parsing, modification and serialization of URI/URL strings
tinymce.util.XHR This class enables you to send XMLHTTPRequests cross browser


Mixin Summary
tinymce.util.Observable This mixin will add event binding logic to classes